Best Bike Helmets for Kids – Guide and Review

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Getting your child out on their bike and exploring the world around them is something every parent should do. However, it is always important to consider their safety every time they head out, as accidents occur all the time.

Unfortunately, a well built bike is not enough to protect your child in the case that they fall or crash into something else.

That is where bike helmets come in. Helmets protect your child’s most vulnerable body part, and that is their head. Once your child’s head is protected, you can have the peace of mind that they will be fine even when they get themselves into dangerous situations.

When looking for a bike helmet quality is a priority, as you cannot afford to buy a helmet that will not provide sufficient protection to your little one. But with so many helmets on offer, which one should you choose?

I will help you answer this question by reviewing 5 of the best kid’s helmets on the market, and you can then use these reviews to make your final decision.

Best Bike Helmets for Kids Reviews

1. Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet

Editor Choice:

Razor is always leading the market with cutting edge children’s helmets, and the V-17 multi-sport is no different.

This spectacularly designed helmet is great for your child’s biking needs, but the best part is that they can also use this protective headgear as they rollerblade and skateboard(among other uses).

The Razor V-17 has been ergonomically designed to offer secure protection, and its internal padding means that your child will be safe and comfortable as they ride.

There is also an extra sizing pad which works to provide the ideal individual fit for your child, as opposed to the one size fits all helmets on the market.

This multi-sport helmet is also composed of 17 top and side vents, which improve air circulation so that their head is kept cool at all times. This is especially useful when your child is riding all day in the hot sun.

For additional comfort, the Razor helmet has adjustable side release buckles, which make it simple for your child to quickly fasten their chin strap. This sleek black helmet is perfect for kids aged 5 to 8, with head sized of between 21.5 and 22 inches.

Features at a Glance

  • Cutting-edge youngster protection bike helmet for cycling, skate boarding, plus more
  • Ergonomic interior underlay is usually secure and also safeguarded
  • Seventeen major and also side vents help driver hold a very nice head on sizzling days to weeks
  • Facet relieve buckles adapt and also fasten swiftly
  • Satisfies go measurements 21.5 to 22.5 inches

2. Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Editor Choice:

When it comes to high performance bike helmets, you should always look to Giro Me2 Infant. This company has specialized in creating protective headgear for children and adults alike, and the bike is just one example of their top quality products.

This helmet has been built to allow children to have a safe and fun bike ride, and its design will not interfere with the joy that your children will experience as they ride around.

The first thing you will notice about the bike is its colorful designs, which include aviator pigs, yellow chicks, a red duck and goose, and pink bunnies. These fanciful designs will delight your child, in addition to making them look great as they ride around the neighborhood.

Additionally, this helmet is equipped with 20 vents that keep your child’s head cool, as well as an inbuilt bug net that will keep away the critters.

The simple strap guides of the Giro Me2 are complemented by a Mini Loc fit system, which allows your little one to safely put on the helmet without pinching their skin.

The adjustable helmet also has inside padding for a comfortable fit, and a visor for shade on sunny days. If you are looking for a helmet that will grow with your child, then this is the helmet you should choose.

Features at a Glance

  • Mini-loc Fit Method Features Straightforward Straps Guides And also Sets To install Small Minds
  • Microshell Construction That has a Built-in Bug Internet And also Visor
  • Twenty Vents Allow Great, Oxygen For you to Rotate More than And also All-around Kid's Brain
  • Buckle Will not likely Crunch Tender Skin color
  • Recommended For ages 1 Or over

3. Bell Minnie Mouse Pretty in Polka Dots Toddler Helmet

Bell Minnie Mouse Pretty in Polka Dots Toddler Helmet

Editor Choice:

If you are a fan of Minnie Mouse, then you will absolutely fall in love with this helmet. The Bell Minnie Mouse Pretty in Polka Dots is a toddler helmet that has Minnie Mouse graphics that are cool and stylish.

This cute helmet is not only popular for its great design, it also has vital safety features that your child needs. To begin with, the helmet has high impact reflectors, which improve visibility so that your child is safe when riding in low light conditions.

Additionally, the helmet has extended rear coverage for extra protection as they ride, as well as a pinch guard buckle that stops your little one from pinching their skin as they put on the helmet.

Lastly, The Minnie Mouse helmet has 8 vents, which work to keep your child’s head cool in all weather conditions.

Features at a Glance

  • Matches scalp measurements 48 to 52 cm
  • Higher impression reflectors with regard to field of vision
  • Lengthy raise coverage offers extra defense
  • Ten ports maintain heads extra neat
  • Crunch Defend makes sure no-pinch buckling

4. Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

Editor Choice:

Schwinn not only makes great bikes, it also makes fantastic helmets that your child can benefit from. This Toddler Classic is composed of a lower molded microshell, which works to increase the durability of the helmet.

The helmet is therefore able to stand up to constant abuse that comes about as a result of bumps and impact when dropped. The attractive helmet also has a dial fit for adjustability, and 10 flow vents that circulate air so that your child’s head remains cool.

Lastly, the Schwinn Toddler Classic helmet has extended coverage and a sun brim, for added security and sun protection respectively.

Features at a Glance

  • 10 Stream vents to hold people awesome
  • Dial suit presents 100% adjustability for more substantial as well as smaller sized mind
  • Expanded protection for included security and safety
  • Built in sunlight brim for protection up against the aspects

5. Marvel Spiderman Hero Helmet

Marvel Spiderman Hero Helmet

Editor Choice:

If your child loves Spiderman, then they will definitely love The Marvel Spiderman Hero helmet. As you can imagine, this helmet has 3D Spiderman graphics which will make your child feel like a superhero when they put it on.

The helmet also has an EPS inner shell that efficiently absorbs shock, so that your child’s head is protected in the event of an accident.

This Marvel Spiderman also has aerodynamic cooling vents which improve your child’s comfort, and adjustable chin straps that allow for a safe and comfortable fit.

Features at a Glance

  • ASTM and also CPSC Security Authorized
  • Simple alter face tie for just a more secure relaxing in shape
  • Aerodynamic Cooling Vents with regard to awesome comfortable drive
  • Impact absorbing EPS inner spend

Final Verdict

There it is; the 5 best kids helmets on the market. These bike helmets have been expertly built to provide optimum protection to your child, and they are also composed of features that make them comfortable to wear.

So if you are looking for a bike helmet that will fit securely on your child’s head as they go about their riding, these safe helmets are the best options for you.


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