Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Bike Review

The time has come for your child to learn how to ride a bike. Now for the big decision; should you purchase training wheels or a tricycle?

Thankfully, you are no longer limited to these two choices. With the introduction of balance bikes, your child can now develop their balancing skills without any hassle.

The BicycooBMX Balance Bike is a Joovy innovation which allows your little one to develop their motor skills while growing their confidence, so that when the time comes they can transition to a two-wheel pedal bike with ease.

This balance bike is well designed and durable, and has been made for kids aged 3 and above.

Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Bike Features

There is no substitution to the glee on your child’s face once they learn how to balance without planting their feet on the ground.

So if you would like to turn your toddler into a little biker, this is the way to go and read the Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Bike Review below

Lightweight Frame

One of the most impressive features of the BicycooBMX is its aluminum frame, which stands in contrast to the bulky steel and Wooden Frames out there.

This aluminum frame manages to combine strength and weight savings, so that your child can have maximum support and control as they ride.

This lightweight frame is as superior as those found on high-end Balance Bikes, and can carry children weighing up to 66lbs.

Pneumatic Tires

Another great feature of the JoovyBicycooBMX is its pneumatic and refillable tires.

While most balance bikes prefer to use cheap EVA plastic tires, the BicycooBMX goes in another direction because plastic tires wear out quickly.

The rubber tires on the BicycooBMX provide a smooth and controlled ride, and these refillable tires offer optimal suspension on all terrain.

Additionally, these extra wide tires provide added stability to your little one as they ride, and the smooth tread on the tires allow for great traction in wet conditions.

Adjustable Seat

One thing that you should always look for in a balance bike is the ability to grow with your child.

This ability is present in the Bicycoo BMX balance bike, as the seat height is adjustable.

The seat has adjustable heights ranging from 15 inches to 16.25 inches (from the floor), giving you the chance to find the most comfortable fit for your little one.

Hand Brake

If there is one feature that is extremely rare in the world of balance bikes, it is hand brakes.

However, Joovy have decided to incorporate this feature in The BicycooBMX, and that is why there is a hand brake for the bike’s rear tire.

This rear tire brake is a great way of teaching your child about gearing, and allows them to have more control over their speed.

This brake also saves your child’s shoes from getting worn out, as they no longer need to drag their feet to stop.

Attractive Design

The BicycooBMX is also widely known for its attractive design, which is more stylish then the other bikes on the market.

This simple design offers a vibrant pop of color to your child’s riding, and is guaranteed to make your day better.

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  • Seat is cushioned and adjustable
  • Bike comes with a hand brake
  • Sturdy frame
  • Comes in blue, green, and pink colors
  • Kids can easily control their ride
  • Smooth ride
  • Inbuilt steering limiter
  • Lightweight construction
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Handlebar does not adjust
  • The grips are small, and are made of foam

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the dimensions of the JoovyBicycooBMX?

A: The BicycooBMX balance bike measures 33.5 inches by 15.5 inches by 22.25 inches, and weighs 7.25 lbs.

  1. Can you get punctures with these tires?

A: Yes, because these are inflatable rubber tires, your child can get a puncture if they ride over a sharp object.

However, these good quality tires are well designed, and will not get punctures easily.

  1. How large are the pneumatic tires on the BicycooBMX?

A: The Joovy balance bike is composed of 12 inch refillable tires, which give your children a wide surface area when riding over different terrain.

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Final Verdict

The highly rated Joovy BicycooBMX is definitely the balance bike to own.

This attractive bike is as stylish as it is functional, offering your toddler a fun way to improve their balance and confidence.

So if your child is lacking in one of these areas and you would like to change that, then the BicycooBMX is the way to go.



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