Kazam Balance Bike V2e Review


It is time to bid training wheels goodbye. The Kazam balance bikes have been designed to instill confidence in first time bike riders, through the use of an ergonomically sound bike that promotes coordination and balance in your little ones.

The V2e balance bike is based on the classic and popular Kazam model, though it now has an improved frame and footrest crafted to make riding more enjoyable.

This Kazam balance bike allows your child to understand the basics of safely pedaling a bike, even though the V2e itself is not equipped with pedals.

Kazam Balance Bike V2e Features

If you want your kid to master steering and balance, then this bike that allows them to coast and glide is a great choice for you.

So read on Kazam Balance Bike V2e Review for some more interesting information.

Frame Design

The Kazam V2e is an Award Winning Balance Bike, which boasts of a patented Step-In frame that is sturdy and ergonomic in design.

In fact, this is the main way in which the V2e differentiates from the classic Kazam balance bike model.

The patented frame design has been created to improve your child’s balance, and at 8lbs in weight it is much lighter than most balance bikes on the market.

If you are also interested in style, then you will be happy to know that this frame has a long lasting powder coat paint finish, in vibrant colors that include red, blue, green, orange, and pink.

Great Tires

If there is one thing that is extremely frustrating to all cyclists, it is a puncture.

Running over a sharp object that deflates you tire will quickly ruin your entire day, and that is why the Kazam V2e has been crafted with 12-inch EVA tires that are puncture and maintenance free.

Additionally, these EVA tires allow for a smooth roll, ensuring that your child’s time on the balance bike as like electric scooter is highly enjoyable.

 Quality Seat and Handlebars

Quality construction is not only limited to the tires and frame of the bike, the seat and handlebars are also expertly made.

The V2e has a quick release seat which can be adjusted from 14 to 17 inches, ensuring that your child can grow with the bike.

Additionally, the bike has a quick release handlebar set which can be adjusted between 18.75 and 20.75 inches.


The 60 lbs V2e balance bike measures 34.5 by 4.5 by 19.75 inches, which can accommodate children aged 3 and upwards.

Like I mentioned above, the seat and handlebars can be adjusted ensuring that the bike can be used by children of different height and sizes.

You therefore do not have to worry about purchasing a new balance bike each and every year.

Ergonomic Foot Rest

Another amazing feature of the Kazam V2e balance bike is its uniquely designed footrest, which optimizes foot placement for your child.

This foot rest not only ensures that your little one’s feet are safe and comfortable throughout their ride; it also enhances balance by maintaining their center of gravity at all times.

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  • Limited assembly required
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Great quality frame
  • Easy to adjust for riders of different heights
  • Easy steering
  • Nylon bushing prevent friction
  • The material of the seat is cheap and thin
  • The bike is not durable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the Kazam bike have brakes?

A: The V2e is not equipped with any brakes, however they are not necessary as the balance bike does not have pedals.

Q: Can my 3-year old and 5-year old share the bike?

A: Yes they can. The Kazam V2e has quick-release adjust capabilities, and does not require tools to change the height of the seat.

Unfortunately, one bike might not be enough for your 2 kids, as this bike is too fun to be amicably shared.

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Final Verdict

I am now sure that the unique design of the Kazam has completely captured your attention.

This V2e balance bike has been made to ease the transition from walking to pedaling, ensuring that you child does not come home with skinned knees.

So if you are looking for a well crafted bike that can improve your child’s feeling of accomplishment, then this fun and functional bike is the way to go.

So get your credit card out and make the purchase!



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