KinderBike Laufrad Bike Review

Since its introduction into the market over 10 years ago, KinderBike has managed to provide innovative and high quality balance bikes as an alternative to training wheels.

Today KinderBike dominates the market with several affordable and well designed bikes, including the Laufrad which has been exceptionally rated for the past 4 years.

This Balance Bike aims to get your 3 to 6 year olds outside, where they can learn the critical bicycle skills of coordination and balance.

The 2015 Laufrad is the largest bike in the KinderBike line, and features upgraded seat post features that will make your child more confident and comfortable.

KinderBike Laufrad Bike Features

So if you are in search of a balance bike, read KinderBike Laufrad Bike Review below.

Top Of The Line Construction

The KinderBike Laufrad has a rugged and sturdy construction, and is composed of solid components that work flawlessly together.

The most prominent part of the Laufrad is its 6061 aluminum frame, which is extremely lightweight so that your child can carry it around. This 8.3lbs bike is also simple to maneuver, and this reduces the chance of your little one getting into an accident.

Additionally, the Laufrad has a front fork rake which improves stability when riding at slower speeds.

However, the most impressive construction feature of the Laufrad is its rust-proof components, which include its frame,handlebar, rims, quick-release, quill, seat post, and brake arms and lever.

Adjustable Saddle

The KinderBikeLaufrad sports a sleek and fully adjustable saddle, with an approximate seat range of between 13 inches and 22.5 inches.

The angle and height saddle adjustments diminish any stress applied on your child’s groin, so that they can have comfortable and prolonged rides.

Even better is the fact that the Laufrad has a quick-release feature so that saddle adjustments are quick and simple.

Another great feature of The 2015 KinderBikeLaufrad is its low center of gravity and low step through construction, which is meant to eliminate injuries caused by tip-over’s.

Reliable Tires

One of the most prominent features of The KinderBike Laufrad is its reliable 12 inch by 1.75 inch pneumatic tires.

The air tires stand in contrast to the EVA foam tires found on the standard balance bike, and excel in the fact that they are more dependable and durable.

The rugged pneumatic tires have a grip tread for enhanced traction, making them great for both on-road and off-road action.

These tires are supported by single-wall aluminum alloy rims, which come with 16 spokes that improve riding performance.

Adjustable Handlebar

Many balance bikes often overlook the handlebar aspect of construction; however KinderBike has not made this mistake.

Unlike the fixed handlebars found on most balance bikes, the Laufrad has adjustable handlebars which allow you to custom fit the bike for your child.

You can adjust the handlebar up or down depending on the height of your child, as well as forward and backwards. This means that the bike can grow with your little one.

Dependable Braking System

The KinderBikeLaufrad is one of the few balance bikes that comes with a braking system. This bike has a child-friendly linear pull rear V-brake, which is great for kids just starting out.

This dependable braking system has three adjustable tension settings, so that you can modify the brakes to your preference.

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  • Stylish bike comes in yellow, red, blue, and green color options
  • Straightforward to assemble
  • Parts are solid
  • Tires are inflatable and reliable
  • Bike is adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Some customers have complained of difficulty adjusting brakes
  • Wheel might need adjustment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is the Laufrad certified compliant?

A: Yes, the KinderBikeLaufrad is compliant with Prop 65, CE, HR4040, EN71, ASTM F963, and CPSIA.

  1. Does the KinderBike come with a headset?

A: Yes, the Laufrad has a 1-inch twin-bearing threaded headset, which is made out of steel. This headset has been designed to enhance smooth steering and eliminate binding.

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Final Verdict

With the information provided in the review above, does it come as a surprise that the Kinder Bike Laufrad was rated highly by the New York Times and was even called ‘The Best’ in a review of popular run bikes?

This European style balance bike does not compare to any other bike on the market, as it allows for extraordinary balance and steering for your child as they learn to transition to a two-wheeled bike.

So if you are looking for a quality investment, this is it.



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